OPG was delighted to have been invited to pitch for this prestigious fleet branding project for the RBS & NatWest Mobile Branch Banking Service

The Brief

The brief was to produce & apply vehicle graphics that looked amazing, offered supreme performance – all backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. The highest levels of service & quality, just-in-time manufacturing and seamless integration with 3rd party vehicle constructors, was paramount. OPG’s in-house design studio had to collaborate with RBS & NatWest marketing team to translate their 2-D visual concepts into effective, 3D branding solutions!

Design Challenges

These custom-built vehicles presented a clear challenge to any graphics applicator. This risk of failure in terms of any printed film eventually lifting, fading, peeling or cracking, especially when wrapped over 3D compound curves or irregular surfaces, had to be managed and warrantied against. Following extensive deliberation and collaboration with its supply chain, OPG submitted its winning value proposition. OPG opted for a premier solution, built around 3M™Envision™ Print Wrap Film LX480Cv3.

Clearly, an innovative solution.

The initial design brief visualised continuous photographic images flowing, uninterrupted, across the sides of these vehicles, including glazed areas. If the primary print film was applied over these glazed areas then not only would natural daylight be blocked for customers entering and using the mobile branches, but staff would also be denied the benefits and well-being that natural light affords; not to mention ensuring all those wonderful views of rural Britain would be enjoyed inside!

OPG specified one of many innovative products we’ve tried & tested over the years – Contra Vision®

Contra Vision® products transform glass into opportunities for advertising, branding, one-way privacy, solar shading and decorative architectural features, while retaining excellent see-through from the other side. The finished result not only looks attractive, but is creatively practical.

The benefits of cutting-edge, proven technology to RBS & NatWest.

3M™ Envision™ films are non-PVC and phthalate-free products. They contain no added chlorine or halogens and are manufactured using 58% less solvents than standard cast films. LX480Cv3, 8548G and 8549L are made in part of bio-based material.

Moreover, OPG used HP Latex water-based inks that have been tested with 3M™ Envision™ films. These are ‘matched components’ and because OPG has been audited by 3M and since awarded 3M™ Select Graphic Specialist Platinum status, these branding solutions come with a manufacturer’s backed warranty. *

Mobile Branch Banking Service
A vital banking service for rural and semi-rural communities.

In keeping with increasingly fluid, fast-changing lifestyle patterns, as well as advances in mobile technology & secure satellite communications, RBS & NATWEST banks have been steadily addressing customer needs and expectations through continual investment in their state-of-the-art fleet of mobile branch vehicles.

These mobile branches are increasingly offering a vital banking service for rural and semi-rural communities in the digital era. They operate 5 days a week, all year round except for Christmas day / Bank Holidays and can accept deposits, cash withdrawals and bill payments. All vehicles offer on-board customer telephone facilities for contacting central areas to enquire about products and services.

Customers visiting their local mobile bank branch enjoy a wide range of personal banking conveniences, including:

  • Cashing cheques
  • Making account deposits
  • Paying bills
  • General account and product enquiries

RBS & NatWest Mobile Branches across the UK

RBS & NatWest already has a significant fleet of mobile banking vehicles on the road; available across the country, at any one time, visiting hundreds of communities across a great many areas of the UK. Customers using RBS & NatWest mobile banking vehicles now have convenient access to banking facilities who, for a variety of reasons, find these easier to access than perhaps their nearest High Street branch. Secure on-board satellite communication allows customers to log into their account using the vehicle’s on-board, easy to use, touch screens. The satellite connection means that even in areas where there’s no normal broadband coverage, customers will be able to take advantage of online banking!

RBS & NatWest are globally recognisable brands, not only within the banking sector, but within communities across the country. It was important their fleets of modern, mobile, bank branches conveyed not only the look & feel these iconic marques convey but, reflected their respective brand values.

Nothing stands still and the world of fleet branding knows this only too well.

This vintage shot of an early RBS mobile bank sporting it’s legacy sign-writing is testament to how far things have moved in a short space of time.

Advances in materials technology, computing and digital print has seen the demise of traditional signwriting skills along with their paint pots, brushes and resting sticks.

From traditional text embellished with drop shadows and outlines, with the occasional coach lines or flourish for embellishment, vehicle livery now knows no bounds.

Corporate logos, a myriad of typefaces, millions of colours and high resolution vector graphics and large format photographic reproduction means imagination alone is the limit to creating stunning graphics on vehicles.

From highly conformable printable wrapping films to one-way vision perforated films for glass, vehicle graphics have advanced beyond dreams.

From retro-reflective conspicuity tapes for road safety and specialised metallic films, including mirror gold, chrome and carbon fibre effects, self-adhesive marking films have never looked or performed so well. Call OPG sales team to discover what can be achieved with a little bit of imagination and a lot of technical know-how.

OPG goes the extra mile!

As part of its programme of continual business improvement, OPG management systems for quality, occupational health & safety and environmental protection are audited and certified to globally recognised standards: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO45001:2018 & IS014001:2015.

All this adds up to an irresistible value proposition from a company that is passionate about offering quality in a safe environment.