McQueens Dairies milk is delivered fast and fresh; between 6 and 18 hours old from when first bottled to doorstep delivery.


Quality, Service and an irresistible value proposition are also at the heart of OPG.

OPG Integrated Management System approach to managing client expectations includes:

  • OPG QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – ISO 9001:2015, audited by British Standards Institute (BSI).

As well as being certified as an HP ECOSOLUTIONS TRAINED PRINTING COMPANY, OPG holds the coveted Platinum Select Graphics Specialists Award from 3M and is a registered GMG Colour Management House. What does all this mean for our valued clients like McQueens Dairies?

Simple. Quality delivered responsibly, always in a safe environment.

OPG prints each truck livery using HP enviro-friendly, water-based inks, onto premium quality films that faithfully rendered each design. OPG printed films are protected with a tough, clear, gloss laminate to increase their durability and preserve their good looks- even after years of demanding duty cycles. Pre-spaced electro-cut graphics for lettering, logos and decorative elements are produced using our modern suite of precision, plotting systems. This ensures every livery application is produced ‘just-in- time’ to minimise operational disruption when fitted by OPG expert application teams; safely and responsibly.

McQueens Dairies, a third-generation family firm, started their first milk round in 1995; their aim, to revitalise the traditional doorstep delivery which was declining.

Modern milk production methods now offer longer shelf-life. So, McQueens Dairies offers 2lt jugs, delivered to the door, on a two day a week basis- the first dairy in the UK to do so.

Innovations like this efficient, customer-focused approach is delivering business growth through increased market share. Other original and convenient uses of technology mean McQueens Dairies customers can pay online or through Direct Debit.

Sustained success saw expansion across Scotland including additional sites at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Renfrewshire, Ayrshire, Kirkcaldy & Edinburgh. McQueens Dairies’ venture into England saw the first opening of their Warrington depot. This proved a catalyst for further expansion into Huddersfield & Mansfield; local depots staffed by local people. All directly managed by a McQueens Dairies family member, ensuring McQueens Dairies’ brand values are consistent and never diluted.

A recent major investment in their own modern production & bottling plant ensures their premium products are always as fresh & nutritious as possible. McQueens Dairies actively supports British farmers by selling British milk exclusively.

McQueens Dairies milk is delivered fast and fresh; between 6 and 18 hours old from when first
bottled to doorstep delivery. McQueens Dairies forward-thinking business models have been rolled out to other products including fresh orange juice in returnable glass bottles.

McQueens Dairies are proving Orange is the new Green!

Their returnable glass bottled Orange Juice is an environmentally responsible packaging solution. It
is on-trend as the world grapples with its inexhaustible use of non-recyclable plastic packaging. All
this chimes with OPG’s environmental credentials to reduce materials waste through the Reduce Recycle Reuse initiative.

McQueens Dairies is committed to not only preserving doorstep delivery but revolutionising it
through selling the highest quality milk, direct to the consumer. Customer focus, technical innovation and a refreshing take on traditional family business values ensure McQueens Dairies is poised to deliver more than just milk.

Consequently, East Ayrshire Council has been actively promoting & implementing responsible environmental strategies & practices by:

  • minimising the generation of waste from the domestic and commercial waste streams
  • maximising the recycling and reuse of any waste generated
  • maximising the opportunity to engage with partner organisations to achieve recycling and
    composting targets as demanded by Scottish, National and European legislation
  • maximising the diversion of waste from landfill
OPG goes the extra mile!

As part of its programme of continual business improvement, OPG management systems for quality, occupational health & safety and environmental protection are audited and certified to globally recognised standards: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO45001:2018 & IS014001:2015.

All this adds up to an irresistible value proposition from a company that is passionate about offering quality in a safe environment.