Kerbside Recycling Service Campaign. DAF LF Romaquip Vehicle Fleet Branding

OPG is acutely aware of its environmental responsibilities and takes them seriously. Some of our management and staff have already completed Green Champions Training courses offered by Resource Efficient Scotland and are certified at Foundation level. This is in addition to OPG already having taken the Resource Efficiency Pledge and now recognised as having attained the Bronze level of achievement.

Moreover, OPG Integrated Management System approach to managing client expectations includes:

  • OPG QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – ISO 9001:2015, audited by (BSI).

As well as being certified as an HP Trained Printing Company, OPG holds the coveted
Platinum Select Graphics Specialists Award from 3M and is a registered GMG Colour
Management House.

What does all this mean for our valued clients like East Ayrshire Council?

Simple. Quality delivered responsibly in a safe environment. OPG fleet branding elevates East Ayrshire Council’s Kerbside Collection Fleet from an increasingly crowded marketplace. Their branded vehicles not only look great but are fine examples of ‘marketing in motion’ as they promote the Council’s environment campaign which is not only persuasive but leaves a lasting impression.

OPG prints each truck livery using HP enviro-friendly, water-based inks, onto premium quality films that faithfully rendered each design. OPG printed films are protected with a tough, clear, gloss laminate to increase their durability and preserve their good looks- even after years of demanding duty cycles. Pre-spaced electro-cut graphics for lettering, logos and decorative elements are produced using our modern suite of precision, plotting systems. This ensures every livery application is produced ‘just-in- time’ to minimise operational disruption when fitted by OPG expert application teams; safely and responsibly.

Zero Waste Plan for Scotland was published in 2010 and sets out a roadmap to the Scottish Government’s planned destination to Scotland becoming a zero-waste society. All waste is recognised as a resource, so the order of the day is, Reduce, Reuse & Recycle. Responsible attitudes and approaches to waste management & processing means landfill is seen as a last resort and the need for waste treatment is minimised through managed waste streaming & sorting.

Consequently, East Ayrshire Council has been actively promoting & implementing
responsible environmental strategies & practices by:

  • minimising the generation of waste from the domestic and commercial waste streams
  • maximising the recycling and reuse of any waste generated
  • maximising the opportunity to engage with partner organisations to achieve recycling and
    composting targets as demanded by Scottish, National and European legislation
  • maximising the diversion of waste from landfill

The Scottish Government campaign to promote waste as a valuable resource led to the Household Recycling Charter for Scotland. This ‘joined up’ approach to the nation’s waste has brought about grassroot changes and the benefits are already apparent.

As a signatory to the Household Recycling Charter, the Council has successfully introduced the recycling trolley collection system. This not only complies with Charter requirements but enables the Council to provide a weekly collection service for paper and card, plastics and cans, glass alongside food waste in the vehicles currently used for food and plastic collections only.

To facilitate these collections, the Council introduced domestic and commercial kerbside collection services using their newly commissioned, state-of- the-art, fleet of specialist vehicles. The council capitalised on the unique profile of these vehicles and commissioned their designers to create an attractive design to communicate their environmental message with powerful images and graphics. OPG was delighted to have been involved from the outset in working with the council to provide their fleet branding solutions.

OPG goes the extra mile!

As part of its programme of continual business improvement, OPG management systems for quality, occupational health & safety and environmental protection are audited and certified to globally recognised standards: ISO 9001: 2015, ISO45001:2018 & IS014001:2015.

All this adds up to an irresistible value proposition from a company that is passionate about offering quality in a safe environment.