At OPG we know the importance of representing your brand across a range of different media. When it comes to transferring your brand image through the medium of print and vinyl graphics we are here to help. You can trust OPG to ensure your brand rules are upheld and your logo and colours rendered faithfully and consistently whether on vehicle wraps, branding, signage or media solutions. We have a wealth of experience in producing vinyl graphics materials for well known brands.

Our well-equipped factory produces all sorts of vinyl graphics solutions for all sorts of applications over and above vinyl vehicle graphics.

We produce:

  • Self-adhesive labels
  • Vinyl Vehicle Wraps
  • Vinyl Car Decals
  • Vinyl Lettering
  • Vinyl Car Stickers
  • Window manifestations incl. frosted & dusted crystal and other special effects for decorating glass
  • Directional and way-signage
  • Shop fronts
  • Building signage
  • External/internal directory boards
  • Promotional and advertising
  • Banners Interior floor graphics
  • Exterior pavement graphics
  • Wall graphics for textured surfaces including brick, block and stone surfaces Perforated window films for 2-way viewing experience


Unleash the power of your brand with style