The placing of an order expresses acceptance of our terms of business. The following conditions apply to and are deemed to be incorporated in all contracts for the sale and supply of OPG’s services and materials. They specifically exclude any terms and conditions proffered by the Client.


Unless otherwise stated a quotation is open for acceptance for a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of supply. Thereafter the price may be subject to alteration.


Orders are completed as quickly as possible by OPG and with as much care and attention as possible.

In the unlikely event of a delay, OPG shall not be liable for any loss or consequential damage arising from a delay in delivering all or part of any goods ordered or in the provision of any services.


With reasonable cause orders may be cancelled by the Client. Any request to cancel an order must be in writing and with our written agreement. Upon cancellation of an order the Client will be immediately liable to pay OPG any and all costs or expenses incurred by us in the performance or past performance of the order, such costs and expenses to be determined solely by OPG.


Tax additional unless otherwise stated.


Carriage will be charged at the prevailing rate.


Any goods rejected as not complying for any reason with the order placed must be so rejected in writing within 7 days of receipt by the Client, accompanied by the endorsed consignment note. In the case of complaint all goods must either by inspected by an authorised agent of OPG or returned to OPG before any claim can be considered.


Where goods are damaged or lost in the custody of a carrier OPG will, at its sole option, either replace such goods or refund to the Client the cost or price of the same, but in no circumstances shall OPG’s liability exceed the cost of replacement of the same or the price paid by the client for the same.

OPG must be notified immediately if delivery is not effected within 3 days of receipt of invoice.


OPG retains title to the goods until they are paid for. OPG may enter the clients premises and recover the goods which are its property by virtue of this clause.


If you do NOT have an agreed Credit Account with OPG. payment is required with order, either by Cheque or bank transfer.

For Clients with Credit Accounts payment for the goods shall be made within 30 days of the date upon which the goods are invoiced by OPG unless terms are otherwise agreed. OPG shall have the right to claim and be paid interest at the rate of 2% per month for each full month, beyond the due date, all outstanding sums due to OPG are unpaid. In addition OPG shall have the right to add on a reasonable sum to the outstanding balance to cover the costs of collection.


Any tools or origination matter produced or acquired by OPG specifically for any goods ordered by the Client notwithstanding any changes made for them (whether or not such tools or origination matter are accepted by the Client), shall remain the property and in the possession of OPG If for a period of one year no orders are received for goods to be made with such equipment or origination matter, OPG has the option to dispose thereof as it desires without liability to the Client.


The copyright in any design produced by OPG (whether or not such design is accepted by the Client) shall belong to OPG and the Client shall not without licence in writing from OPG make or cause or licence to be made any copies of such design.

OPG Ltd. Application Terms and Conditions

OPG Ltd. strives for perfection when applying your graphics. Some simple steps adopted by you will ensure your expectations are met without incurring extra costs being needlessly applied due to downtime or our fitters having to clean and prepare your vehicles prior to application commencing.

Failure to comply with these steps could delay delivery and invalidate any warranty expressed or implied.

  • All vehicles must be presented to our fitters clean and dry; free from pre-delivery wax, grease etc. upon their arrival.
  • All vehicles must be sited undercover with a minimum ambient temperature of 10 degrees Celsius. Adequate lighting, utilities and clear unrestricted access around the vehicles is necessary.
  • On site risk assessments will be conducted by our applicators before commencing application. Their working environment must be well ventilated, clear and clean of obstructions and reasonably dirt and dust free.
  • Any scheduled graphics application not completed due to vehicle non-appearance (or any other reason beyond our control (including missing or incorrect free-issue graphics) will be charged in full as per our quote/prevailing rates.
  • Any return visit to complete graphic application resulting from reasons out with our control will be charged for in full as per our quote/prevailing rates.
  • Unforeseen costs resulting from the above will be charged including waiting time, over time, travel, subsistence and accommodation.

Wrapped vehicles.

  • All vehicles subject to the above.
  • OPG reserve the right to employ stress relief cuts in the vinyl where deep recessesetc. may be deemed unsuitable for seamless wrapping.
  • Ambient temperature must be maintained at 12 degrees Celsius both during wrappingand for a ‘stand down’ period of 12 hours to allow the adhesive to perform optimally.
  • Any vehicle damage, or irregular paint surface etc. including corrosion or rust willcompromise the overall finish and performance of vinyl wrapping films which will invalidate any warranty; expressed or implied.

Vehicle Insurance

  • OPG Ltd. has no insurable interest in any customer’s vehicle delivered to our premises and will not be held responsible for loss or damage to customer’s vehicles.
  • It will always remain the responsibility of our customers to ensure their vehicles are fully insured whilst on our site.Aftercare – Simple steps to safeguard your graphicsOPG Ltd. will always endeavour to specify the correct product and skill set for every graphic application. This ensures your investment will reward you with many years of excellent service and high performance. By adopting a proper aftercare policy, your graphics will meet your expectations.

Safeguard your graphics by observing the following

  • Clean with a liquid detergent & water mix free from strong solvents.
  • Avoid high acidic or alkaline levels.

Hand Washing

  • Using clean water, spray the graphics to remove loose dirt.
  • Using a mild detergent, wash the graphic with a soft brush, rag or sponge.
  • Never use a hard bristle brush.
  • If tar or oil remains on the graphic, clean with a rag moistened with mineralspirits or a household cleaner (no strong solvents). Wash again with detergentand water.
  • Finish all cleaning processes with a rinse using clean water.

Pressure Washing

  • Vinyl is easily cleaned using pressure washing – but it can just as easily be damaged by improperly handling the water spray or incorrectly blending the cleaning solutions. In order to keep from degrading the vinyl or lifting the edges of the film during pressure washing observe the following:
  • Nozzle pressure should never exceed 1,300 psi (91 kg/cm2).
  • Water temperature should not exceed approximately 60°C.
  • Nozzle tip should never be closer than five feet (1.5m) from the graphics.Please contact our office if you have any queries or further questions.

OPG Limited
ML11 0JN
T. 01555 895233

Accepted Files & Media

Digital Guidelines

OPG. Ltd. accepts the latest file versions of: Adobe Acrobat (PDF)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

Files can be supplied to us on the following media – DVD/CD or FTP download
Artwork can also be transferred to us via E-mail or FTP. Please call for login and password details.


Please always supply either a hard printed copy or PDF file of your artwork for us to check against. Where a copy has not been provided we may request on client approval of one of our visuals prior to production commencing. All work should either be drawn to a scale with the scale and finished sizes provided. All Cad/Cam electro-cut Vinyl needs to be originated in Vector based file formats, with all the fonts converted to outlines and all strokes outlined.

Vector based files are smaller in size, offering superior quality especially in cases where text, solid colour and illustrations are used. All fonts should be outlined. Vectorised vehicle outlines on can be supplied upon request but the final responsibility for checking the vehicle specification including relevant sizes etc. remains the responsibility of the client. Alternatively, OPG Ltd. Limited will offer a detailed technical survey service at current rates. Prices available on request.

Pictorials and photo images

Image resolution should be no less than 50 DPI at 100% scaling. Interpolation and up scaling is no substitute for true DPI. Image formats such as Tagged Image File Format (TIFF), PDF, GIF, BMP, PNG etc. are suitable and should be supplied separately as flattened files along with the layered PS file. Please supply accompanying proofs for checking.

Preparation of artwork and drafts

All work produced by OPG Ltd. on behalf of the client will be submitted to the client for authorisation. OPG Ltd. will not accept any liability for errors not identified by the client. Any alterations to be made following the client artwork approval will be subject to extra charges.

Where elements have been supplied to OPG Ltd. by the client or others on the client’s behalf, the client shall indemnify and keep indemnified OPG Ltd. against all costs and claims arising out of any libellous matter or any infringement of copyright, patent, design or any other proprietary right contained in such artwork text, style or graphic.

Unless specified by the client, OPG Ltd. in its absolute discretion shall print all works for digital printing in a resolution which in the considered opinion of OPG Ltd. is most appropriate for any particular application.

Colour space & rendering

Please advise us if colour matching is critical on any part of your design. We offer a machine proofing service and colour correction if required is offered at current rates – prices available on request.

NB – computer screens are rarely colour calibrated and often fail to predict colour output. Pantone colours are simulated from CMYK percentage tints and therefore usually print differently to swatch cards – please request printed proofs if this is critical to your design/job.

Collaborative partnerships and open consultation help us to manage the most stringent expectations. Please ask about any stage of our production process if you have any doubts and request samples/proofs/prototypes if required. Thank you for your interest in OPG Ltd. The UK’s leading specialist in fleet vehicle branding.

Integrated Management System Policy

OPG is dedicated to be the Graphics Company of choice through the provision of and combination of capable people, equipment and business processes designed and improved to benefit its clients, staff members, contractors, suppliers, the OPG business and the surrounding environments.

It is the policy of OPG to conduct its activities and deliver its products and services in a manner that minimises our impact on the environment, prevents pollution and provides a safe place of work for employees, contractors, clients and visitors by:

  • Developing and maintaining an Integrated Management System (IMS) meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and OHS ISO 45001:2018
  • Ensuring continual improvement in our quality, health, safety and environmental performance by setting, implementing and regularly reviewing policies, objectives and targets.
  • Understanding and ensuring compliance with the standards imposed through legislation, best practice industry standards and other requirements that are applicable to our activities and services.
  • Being fully committed to the prevention of injury and ill health to employees, contractors,
    clients and visitors, whilst striving to improve health and safety performance.
  • Identifying hazards, aspects and reducing risks to as low as is reasonably practical.
  • Encouraging our staff to play an active role in limiting our business, environmental and safety risks and improving our business processes.
  • Being fully committed to protecting the environment by preventing pollution and limiting the environmental impact of our activities and those of our clients through the control of environmental aspects and the adoption of best environmental practices.
  • Consulting employees and promoting Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental expectations and standards.
  • Developing and implementing effective operational controls to ensure that all equipment, premises and client locations for fitting are safe, without risk to health and to ensure the timely delivery of consistently high-quality services and expertise to our clients.
  • Raising awareness, encouraging participation and training employees in environmental and health and safety matters. Training and promoting the professional development of staff to ensure their high levels of competence and expertise, embracing new technologies and advancements to meet our clients’ business needs

All staff and associates have a responsibility in assisting the company to consistently meet high quality, safety and environmental standards and where possible identify improvements in operational practices. Contracted staff are made aware of the policy and their obligation to work safely whilst working on behalf of OPG.

Please click here for technical bulletins & after care instructions, including end-of-life disposal guidelines of 3M products, quoted, specified or used by OPG.

Included is item 6_5_StorageMaintRem.pdf which outlines how to best care for your graphics.

Following these instructions will ensure your graphics perform as expected and comply with manufacturer’s warranty conditions.

Quick Guide:

Maintenance, Cleaning & Life-Cycle Information.

Use a cleaner designed for high-quality painted surfaces.

The cleaner must be wet, non-abrasive, without strong solvents, and have a pH value between 3 and 11 (neither strongly acidic nor strongly alkaline).

Refer to Instruction Bulletin 6.5 Storage, Handling, Maintenance and Removal of 3M Films for general maintenance and cleaning information.