Plain white tractor units are not only nameless, but are missed opportunities to tell any story worth telling.

Cab wrapping is a cost-effective way of promoting any business, through creative branding or paint-replacement colour changes.

From carbon fibre effects through to iridescent finishes, including an impressive colour flip range, there’s an incredible opportunity to customise any cab and make the right impression with your audience.

According to 3M, manufacturers of Series 1080 premium wrap films, their trio of colour flip shades; ‘exhibit lively polychromatic effects that create unique, multi-colour dimensions that shift under different viewing angles and lighting’. These iridescent films refract vibrant hues of purple, deep teal and soft blue, creating an invigorating prismatic finish for fresh new vehicle wraps and graphics.

The expansion of 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 also includes Gloss Storm Gray, Satin Gold Dust Black, Gloss White Gold Sparkle, Cinder Sparkle Red, Gloss Ice Blue and Satin Frozen Vanilla. These additions bolster Series 1080 with a unique twist on classic, neutral tones, offering our 3M trained installers the ability to capture beautiful textured sparkles, satin finishes, and a vibrant sheen with the Glossy and metallic colours.

3M Wrap Film Series 1080 is made in 60”-wide rolls, so our 3M trained installers can easily cover vehicle sections without seams!

The new colour flip options possess excellent dimensional stability, repositionability, high durability, and permanent adhesive.

There’s more.

OPG can print branded graphics onto a wide range of high-performance wrapping films (including the new revolutionary non-PVC 3M Envision IJ480) that can transform any cab into an exciting branding opportunity to take your message further.

We can print onto not only white films but transparent films too! These look amazing when applied over metallic paint finishes, allowing the base shimmer and sparkle to shine through the printed images.

There’s still more

OPG can print onto 3M™ Print Wrap Film IJ180mC-120 “Metallic” film, the FIRST printable metallic wrap film, for an attention-grabbing finish. This high-tech, metallic sheen never fails to deliver the wow factor.

But that’s not all.

OPG can print high quality images and graphics onto reflective films using premium films such as 3M Scotchlite print Wrap Film 780mC-10R.

This conformable, wrappable reflective film offers better visibility at wider viewing angles. This is the ultimate attention grabber, particularly at night, when these graphics simply shine head and shoulders above the rest.

Cab Wraps

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