OPG has invested in ‘clean’ inks chemistry from HP.

Our current printer kit includes: HP Scitex LX850 industrial strength printer plus a suite of the latest HP570 printers.

OPG’s new investment in HP printing solutions means we can now offer you even better, ‘Greener,’ products and faster turnaround times.

Our new grand format industrial printer boasts dual roll capability which means we can print 2 rolls of media up to 60” wide, simultaneously!

Its sturdy, reliable design has proven itself time and again and we’re looking forward to offering you an even more reliable service you can depend on.

Our new HP SCITEX LX850 industrial printer allows us to expand our outdoor/indoor application versatility

This means we can offer you an even wider range of products like: POP displays, temporary textiles, customised wallpaper, interior decoration and vehicle wraps!

The image quality is outstanding with 6-colour printing, up to 1200 dpi resolution.

Enjoy quick turnaround, amazing quality and a ‘greener’ supply chain – HP Latex inks print with display permanence and durability comparable to low-solvent inks.

Build your brand responsibly with eye-catching images using new environmentally friendly HP LX610 Latex Scitex Inks. Enjoy stunning image quality on all types of graphics

OPG offers high impact prints that are dry, right out of the printer – no waiting around for them to out-gas or cure!

OPG can produce even wider double-sided banners using blackout materials onto an array of textiles, papers and more substrates than ever.

An inline spectrophotometer plus automated printhead servicing ensures predictable results, colour consistency and higher levels of quality & service.

A new Era has dawned for OPG and our clients following this major investment in HP LATEX INK TECHNOLOGY

  • HP Latex Inks require no special ventilation equipment or external dryers which is good for the environment.
  • HP Latex Inks produce odourless prints that are perfect for sensitive indoor display environments.
  • HP Latex Inks and HP wall decorations are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified® and meet AgBB criteria.
  • HP Latex Inks offer our customers added value with recyclable HP media and the HP Large-format Media take-back programme

GMG Colour Management Solutions

Colour accuracy at the speed of Now!

For a generation, GMG has taken the guesswork out of colour management and is trusted by thousands of print service providers around the globe.

GMG supports all the major international printing standards which means OPG has the right tools at our fingertips for optimising our entire colour management workflow.

Colour variance can occur when the same artwork is printed on a wide variety of substrates. Ideally, a logo should look the same whether printed on a business card, a truck side or displayed on a mobile device. In reality, achieving reliable colour rendering, regardless of production method or substrate, is not straight forward.

OPG routinely receives data from different sources with wildly differing colour settings. This data must be converted and normalised. Additionally, corporate spot colours and transparency effects bring added complexities and challenges. GMG Colour Management Solutions allows OPG to offer its critical clients consistent colour results; including spot colours and so preserve the expected visual colour impression.

What does all this mean for OPG clients?

Simple. Colour accuracy at the speed of Now! OPG needs to perform for its clients, often under pressure of time. GMG colour management solutions affords OPG the flexibility of dispersing a large print run across several machines, allowing us to print in parallel. Since the colour results are identical, the individual prints can be combined without any loss of quality, whilst delivering valuable economies of scale.

GMG gives OPG confidence in our capacity to reproduce the look and feel of legacy work; ensuring brand consistency, colour fidelity and client expectations are met, no matter how tight their deadline.

* GMG and the GMG logo are registered trademarks of GMG GmbH & Co. KG.
* All other designations and products are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective company.

Zund swiss cutting systems

OPG boasts a suite of Zund swiss cutting systems. These advanced digital plotting systems allows OPG to produce the most accurate renditions of your logotypes and vector artwork. Zund swiss cutting systems deliver incredible reliability, cut quality and precision, whilst maintaining exceptional productivity – shift after shift.

Our Zund swiss cutting systems are designed for industrial use and deliver high volume production on an industrial scale for multi-shift, 24/7 operation.

What does this mean for OPG customers?

  • Accuracy when brand assets are produced; even on a large scale, sheet after sheet, shift after shift.
  • Tight deadlines are met due to Zund swiss cutting systems productivity, reliability and planned preventative maintenance.
  • Value for money through OPG’s optimised production workflow achieved through intelligent control technology, demanding duty cycles, and sophisticated tooling to optimize OPG production workflow.



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