Congratulations to Inver Energy

15th February 2016 By 0 Comments
Winners of the coveted accolade, Fuel Oil News 2015 Tanker of the Year.

Congratulations to Inver Energy; winners of the coveted accolade, Fuel Oil News 2015 Tanker of the Year.

This impressive tanker, takes centre stage on the front cover of this month’s edition of Fuel Oil News.

Inver Energy corporate branding guidelines were the basis for this striking fleet livery design reproduced by OPG.

The Inver Energy corporate colour pallete and graphical elements were faithfully reproduced using environmentally friendly Latex ink technology from HP, printed onto 3M premium branding films.

These matched components offer unparalleled performance in terms of conformability, fade resistance and durability.

The demanding scale and profile of this tanker, particularly the 3D contours of the rear dish end, present considerable challenges for film and OPG fitter alike.

The flexible nature of HP latex inks and the highly conformable properties of 3M premium cast wrapping films mean OPG graphics fitters are able to wrap the printed film around complex shapes and difficult, deep recesses; without creasing, peeling or visibly stressing the printed image.

OPG warranted graphics are made to withstand the harshest environments and are protected with a clear, protective film meaning this winning example of OPG fleet branded graphics will look amazing for years.

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** Copy & images used with the kind permission of Fuel Oil News