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      Date: Jun 14, 2010
     Title: Colin McRae Ambulance Livery
Colin McRae Vision Charity : OPG carry out the vehicle livery for a specialist Paediatric Intensive Care ambulance.

At the beginning of the year, The Colin McRae Vision Charity donated £35,000 for equipment for a specialist Paediatric Intensive Care ambulance. The intensive care unit at Yorkhill is developing and expanding its ability to provide fast and mobile support to other hospitals treating critically ill children. Once purchased, the ambulance will allow life saving treatment to be started earlier and be continued during the child’s road journey to Yorkhill.

To compliment this specialist ambulance, the service was keen acquire an Emergency Response car to be used in situations where the ambulance is not available, not fast enough or not required.

Colin McRae Livery

The Yorkhill Children’s Foundation approached the Colin McRae Vision Charity to see if they could help. With its close links to Subaru, the Vision contacted Jim Hutchison, Dealer Operations Manager for Subaru. Subaru have very kindly donated a Subaru Forrester 4 wheel drive car.  Marked as an emergency vehicle and equipped with green medical emergency warning beacons, the vehicle will be perfect to cope with the varied applications the team require for both terrain and weather conditions. The Subaru Forrester will mirror the clinical service’s ethos of responsiveness, reliability and safety. Everyone involved in this effort are delighted with the result and look forward to continuing the special relationship now forged.

Colin McRae Vision Charity Colin McRae Ambulance